Matched Betting Guide

You probably have heard the term matched betting before. It is becoming more and more popular especially if you visit money-saving forums or you are a student looking to make extra money. Simply per match betting is when you sign up to various sports books in order to claim their welcome bonus. By claiming these bonuses you can guarantee yourself a small profit every single time without any risk. As an example if you signed up to a sports book which offered you a £20 free bet when you sign up and bet 5 pounds than what you would do is sign up and make the minimum deposit of 5 pounds. Then you need to find a football match or other valid sports market and make your bet of 5 pounds. Then you will need to go to Betfair and lay this market this means you are betting against it to happen. Now, you have a bet on the market as well as against it so whatever happens you will see a return but you will make a slight loss. Although you have made a loss on your first 5 pounds bet you will still receive the £20 free bet token. You can now use this free bet token however you wish. As the free bet token is risk-free you won't lose out simply by pressing on a random match but in order to lock up a profit you would do the same as before by putting it on a random sporting event and then laying it off on Betfair.

Some things to bear in mind are sports books will have minimum odds of what qualifies for a free bet usually the odds must be at least 1.6 or greater. Also when you receive a free bet token and is winnings you receive from its you will have to state deducted so if you win £80 from the £20 free bet token your account will be credited with £60. Always read the terms and conditions associated with the bonus is sometimes you may need to wager your bonus a certain amount. This simply means you need to stake a certain amount of money before you can withdraw anything. Wagering requirements are more standard when you receive a cash bonus rather than free bet tokens.

As well as signup bonuses you can also take advantage of enhanced odds as well as various ongoing promotions. For example if a sports book enhances a certain team to win then you can back this good price and then also relates off on Betfair guaranteeing you a small profit. The profits on each individual match or sign up bonus won't be huge but they will add up over time and give you a nice side income. You will never be able to make a full-time income from match betting but you can nicely supplement your income especially during events like Cheltenham or the World Cup.