About this site

This site was set up to help people from the UK and throughout the world to understand what online sports betting is all about. The choices can be overwhelming at first as there are so many sport books to choose from not to mention a massive array of bonuses all with their own rules and terms. This site will walk you through how to use these bonuses and even how to lock up a profit using something we call matched betting.

I take no responsibility for any losses you incur while using this site. Remember gambling is gambling and there is no such thing as a sure thing. Any site advertising a sure thing is pretty much a scam.Even if a market has odds of 1.01 there is still a chance it will lose, after all if it came in every single time people would be happy guranteeing a 1% roi. Anything can go wrong in sports and it does all the time. Other things to bear in mind are the terms and conditions associated with using any site. Remember to read the terms and conditions every time you sign up for a new sports book account. Ideally you should make a copy and save it to a virtual drive such as dropbox. Even better would be to take a screenshot. Although you probably won't need to use this it may come in useful at a later date in case the casino or sports book changes the terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions are especially useful if you take a bonus at a site. Everything you need to know about a bonus is contained within the terms and conditions for example, the wagering requirements tell you how much you need to play before you can withdraw any winnings from your bonus. Other things to look out for include game exclusions as many sites exclude games like roulette or blackjack when playing with a bonus. If a casino has a max cash out when playing with a bonus or in general then you should never ever play at such a site is a low is your edge considerably.